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4 Essentials for the Kids

4.thekids, which stands for Four Essentials for the Kids, puts much effort in promoting to their parents and those who love them the "Four BUDDIES" for babies at their very beginning of their lives : "Pacifiers + Loveys + Swaddle + Apparels", which are also parents' GREAT PARTNERS in providing their little ones' sense of security and are also in different ways beneficial to their future development.

Founders of 4.thekids care about children's development, both physically and mentally. All products are carefully selected, they are with gentle color, soft materials, minimalist designs and is organic and harmful-chemically free.

Besides, we are so proud to announce that we have seek partnership with 1.1. Studio, which is founded by Registered Social Worker. Parenting talks, Stress relief workshops and Parent-and-Child Art Workshops will be organized exclusively for 4.thekids' valued customers.


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